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Welcome to the turn entry site for play-by-mail and email games from Software Simulations.

  1. To use this web site you must first obtain a user name from your GM.
  2. The first time you log on you can leave the password box blank, and you will be asked to set up a new password.
  3. User names and passwords are not case sensitive (it doesn't matter whether you use capitals or not).

More Information
For more information on the games available through this website, and many other games that aren't (yet) take a look at the Ab Initio Games and PBM Sports website as
For latest news and waiting lists at Software Simulations in Yeovil see For detailed information and the opportunity to try one of games see Dark Age II.

The quickest way to start is using a credit card or PayPal on our Online Startups page.

For the latest news and current information on updates, turnarounds and delays see the AbInitio and Sidetracks news and feedback pages.